M - Attendance

Attendance and Course Tracking System (ACTS)

SFGC has put into service the ubiquitous mobile technology to record, maintain and track studentís attendance and to test their competence internally.

Salient features of ACTS :

  • Mobile Ė based registration software for student information.
  • Individual studentís account with login and password.
  • Login and password for principal to access/ track student information regularly.
  • No manual entries, no attendance registers.
  • SMS - based automated communication to parents.

IPOMO (Interactive Platform on Mobile)

Campus, a Bangalore-based firm, has developed this application for handling internal assessment, marking attendance, profiling students, announcing results, counseling and career guidance.

This innovative practice has attracted widespread attention and acceptance in academic circles and coverage in the media at home and abroad. It is a boon, besides, to parents for monitoring their wardís progress.