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Centre for Women's Empowerment

Our Centre for Women's Empowerment aims to bring about greater awareness in women / girls in our institution, to empower them to achieve their explicit goals independently.


Empowerment of women in various fields


To support and uplift the status of women in society


We are committed to provide service which supports the psychological and emotional well-being of women, while recognizing the social, environmental, economic, physical and cultural factors which affect women's life.

The woman in the logo represents the typical culture of the Indian woman. The CFWE aims to inspire women to succeed in all aspects of her life, to improve her value in professional as well as in personal life and to capacitate her to take on challenges in her life, thus taking her life towards the path of glory.

The Centre for Women's Empowerment at S.F.G.C offers a roadmap for today's women/girls to empower themselves with the core values of self respect and dignity.

Our programs are designed to encourage ourselves and students to fully understand the environment in which we live, enabling ourselves to claim and exercise our rights and our duties. Our understanding of empowerment reminds us that change means empowerment in the physical, economic, political or social well-being of women.

Committee Convenor:

  • Assoc. Prof. Renukamma J

Committee Members:

  • Assoc. Prof. Sumitra S
  • Assoc. Prof. Gloria Abraham
  • Asst. Prof. Shilpashree M C