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Academic Staff

Computer Science

S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1. Ms. Rekha Raichal B.E., M.C.A., M.Phil Assistant Professor & H.O.D.
2. Ms. Netra Sanjeev Mirji M.C.M., M.Phil., M.Sc. Professor
3. Mr. Thimmappa N. T. M.C.A. Assistant Professor
4. Ms. Amitha K. N. B.E., M.Sc (IT) Senior Lecturer
5. Ms. Nilegaonker Shruthi Durgadas M.C.A. Lecturer
6. Ms. Archana M. M.C.A. Lecturer
7. Mr. Ramesha S. M.C.A. Lecturer
8. Ms. Pavana B. S. M.C.A. Lecturer
9. Mrs. Jyothsna A. N. M.C.A. Lecturer
10. Mr Diwakar T K B.E, MTech Lecturer

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