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Department of Science

In the higher education ecosystem of Karnataka, this institution is unique in having high quality science departments. The department of science of this institution offers undergraduate programs in Physical Sciences (Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science), Life Sciences (Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Genetics) and Information and Communication Technology (Computer Science). From the inception of the department of science, high academic standards have been maintained. There are many Ph.D / M.Phil degree holders among the faculty members. They contribute research papers and engage in research. The climate of research is a boon to the learning-teaching quality. Student have performed commendably in their exams, winning ranks and distinctions every year. The department of computer science is in active collaboration with IIT, Bombay; the Department of Biotechnology collaborates with the IISC Alumni Association in Scientific research and projects. Scientific temper and creativity is fostered through innovative projects. The department of science of this institution ranks high in terms of quality science education and innovation.

The department of science with strong support and conducts workshops in (advanced trends) embedded systems / Robotics. Scientists visit the department to have discussion with student’s educational visits, results and placements.

Department of science offers 3 programmes

  • BSc. EMC (Electronics, Mathematics, Computer Science)
  • BSc. BBG (Bitechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics)
  • Bachelor of Computer Application