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Hostel Facility

Everybody wants to feel at home and this is especially significant when you are starting life in a new city. Our college knows that settling quickly and adjusting properly where you live is very important to you. You will want a secure, well-located, and sociable place to stay and study. We, in our college campus, offer this environment and you are guaranteed a safe residence.

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Close to Campus

Our Residence halls are just a stone's throw from our main building / lecture halls.

Safe and Supportive

One of the advantages of our accommodation is the basic support which you are offered. The residence halls are designed to provide you safety. The safety measures which are facilitated to our students: Residence halls provided with network security staffs that provide you 24 hours assistance. Only students and staff members are allowed freely in college premises. Strangers are a strict ""!

What will you get?

A room of your own, or one shared by another student if you wish to. Rooms are spacious and airy with double beds, desks and chairs and storage space. Food is provided by well known caterers.

How much does it cost?

The cost of accommodation depends on factors which include the kind of residence you choose, length of your stay, meal option and whether you want private / shared bathroom facilities.

Feel at Home

Providing halls of residence is one way in which we make you feel at home... and take care of you.


24 x 7 security is available. CCTV camera are fixed all over. Chief warden is available for 24 hours.