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Biotechnology laboratory is air conditioned and equipped with LCD projector for ICT-based teaching, with facilities for plant tissue, stem cell and animal cell culture. The state of the art apparatus can cater to regular courses as well as add on certificate courses.


Genetic laboratory is equipped with hot air oven, incubator and autoclave, spacious and provided with advanced instruments, the genetics lad imparts hands on training in genetics.


Biochemistry laboratory is fully provided with facilities to impart the latest developments in emerging areas of pharmaceuticals, environmental studies and clinical research.


Computer laboratories - The two computer laboratories are provided with 36 systems each, supported with two servers - windows operating system and UNIX OS as well as UPS for power back up.


Electronics Laboratory is well equipped with Assembly Language Programming devices, Microprocessor and Micro controller device, Digital Signal Processing device, CRO's, PCB Designing devices, VHDL etc.


Business laboratory which forms part of the commerce and management department, bridges the gap between theory and practice in business studies.


Well equipped with mathematics practical component Scilab and Maxima (FOSS-Free and Open Source Software). The FOSS program bridges research and practice by providing tools and strategies to engage students and teachers in enduing experiences that lead deeper understanding of the natural and designed worlds.