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Minority Cell

The Minority Cell of SFGC is constituted with the purpose to empower the minority students in the college. The cell provides support to the students belonging to such communities to bring them to the mainstream. The minority cell has been very much keen to provide services to the educational and cultural needs of the Minority community along with other caste, creed and nationality.


  • Minority cell has been constituted in the College to resolve the issues and problems related to the minority students of the College.
  • It helps to enhance equal opportunities for education of Minorities.
  • It helps to encourage students to enrol for career orientation programmes.
  • The cell is committed to provide assistance for minority students through Counselling, personality development classes, remedial coaching, preparatory classes for professional and employment purposes etc.
  • To facilitate financial support to students from minority communities from governmental agencies and other sources.

Committee for Minority

  • Dr. S. N. Venkatesh, Principal SFGC- Chairperson.
  • Assoc. Prof. Salma Banu A., HOD-Dept. of Genetics.
  • Assoc. Prof. Rekha Raichal, HOD- Dept. of Computer Science.
  • Rija Antony, Accountant.
  • Ramesh D. R., Office Assistant.