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Soft Skills

Technical skills (Hard Skills) teaches one how to meet the expectations of the job. Soft skills teach one to succeed and to exceed expectations

  • Personality Traits
  • Personal Habits
  • Social Graces
  • Friendliness
  • Facility with Language

Objective of the program

  • Develop effective Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Become self-confident individuals by mastering inter-personal skills, team management and Negotiation skills
  • Develop all-round personality with a mature outlook to function effectively in different circumstances
  • Bring about a change in Attitude and equip
  • Students to excel in professional outlook


  • Group Discussion (Trainer-Trainee Feedback)
  • Audio-Visuals (PowerPoint slides, Video films)
  • Training Games


  • Enhance Job Performance
  • Develop their Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Change in Attitudinal Outlook
  • Enables them to Function effectively in different Circumstances
  • Enables Students to understand as to the manner of behaving as individuals and in groups
  • Helps to excel in professional and personal life