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Support to succeed and assistance to develop come through a variety of service channels in the institution.

Alia Muskan [BBA. - 2017-20 Batch]

It is a pride to be a family member of SFGC,it is a Paradise of knowledge and wisdom I am lucky to have such a kindhearted and down to earth Principal and Lecturers. The Environment of SFGC is so friendly and supportive that one cannot feel lonely and can face any situation the reason is the beautiful and kindhearted (Angeles) , Principal and Lecturers I travel 1hour in bus everyday but as I enter the college I feel so free and bold every single moment here has taught me something

vedhu B R. [BBA. - 2016-19 Batch]

I love my college a lot because it possesses all the qualities of an ideal college. We have excellent courses curriculum and faculty members. Our lecturers hold a respectable place in the students heart. It is my belief that education is the best way to enlighten young minds and it can only be imparted in a good environment having prosperous thinking. My college has all what it takes. SFGC is best in terms of affordable education , quality in teaching , good environment.

Varun Kumar [B.Sc. - 2016-19 Batch]

It's fortunate to be a part of SFGC. Our college has excellent teaching faculty, well euipped labs, classrooms, library, seminar halls, sports room, auditorium etc. Students are given opportunities by introducing many companies. Also our college admits the disabled students to pursue their education. Always motivates us to showcase the talents in extra co-curricular activities. International achivers visit our college in order to motivate and train the students. I have found the way to success through SFGC. A special thanks to our honourable principal and beloved teachers.

Lavanya A [BCA. - 2016-19 Batch]

I feel proud to say that, i am the product of SFGC. Our college has excellent teaching faculty, well euipped labs, classrooms, library, seminar halls, sports room, auditorium etc. Beyond the syllabus, coaching is given exclusively on different technologies based on the current scenario. Ample of knowledge can be gabbed by this institution. M carrier has besome incredible only because of this institution. I am very much thankful to our honourable rincipal and beloved lecturers for supporting and encouraging me in all aspects.

Deepak V J [B.Sc. - 2014-17 Batch]

SFGC is more of an emotion than just a degree college for me, meeting different people and working on socio- entrepreneurship through ENACTUS, performing in management and cultural events through DEEKSHA forum in various colleges along with my academics have created a consciousness of continuous improvement in my life. Any place you choose to work, any new community you want to be a part of, you will find SFGC students there, that's the level of reach we experience.

N Yashu Prada [B.Sc. - 2014-17 Batch]

SFGC is the college where one can develop his/her career. This is due to the Principal and Faculties who support the students in their way of teaching. This is the platform where students can showcase their talents in co-curricular activities. The placement cell is the best place with number of companies where the placement team put their effort for giving each and every student a good placement.

Srikanth K [B.Sc. - 2013-16 Batch]

I am very proud to be student of SFGC. College has provided me opportunities to improve personally and professionally. The support from teachers gave me confidence and also to prove myself in various events along with academics. The college placements department provided me aptitude training and skills that helped me getting a job with Infosys Ltd. I am thankful to the college and teachers.

Bhavya ChandraShekar [B.Sc. - 2013-16 Batch]

I always take pride in being called as SFGC Student. College as taught me many things be it academics, personality development or team spirit. It gives all that a student requires to excel in his life. The placement zone is a boon as it makes many dreams come true which helped to get Placed in Infosys Limited Company which was my dream.

Teju R. [B.Sc. - 2009-12 Batch]

We are lucky to have a principal like Dr .M. Prakash, who whole heartedly supports us in all our academic enterprises, taking personal interest in all we do. Never has our achievement gone unrecognized or not felicitated. this unique personal touch makes us feel at home at S.F.G.C and motivates us to do our best.

Ashwini C. R. [B.A. - 2008-11 Batch]

Placements are more in our college and be it for anyone selecting an academic institution. This is because of our dynamic full fledged corporate and placements dept. this dept takes care to arrange in house and out bound professional training program regularly in order to meet our skill sets thereby pausing us a smooth way leading to bright & successful careers.

Khairun Bee M. A. [B.C.A - 2008-11 Batch]

It's a privileged to be a part of such an esteemed institution where many students are pursuing their studies, national & international resulting in socio-cultural interaction which definitely helps us smoothly integrate our self in multi-ethnic work teams. I am cherishing my dreams too.

Sangeetha B. C. [B.B.M - 2007-10 Batch]

I am really happy about my choice of S.F.G.C for its top class academic excellence, multi cultural & international ambience which is preparing us for global placements.

Mohammed Mursalam [B.B.M - 2007-10 Batch]

What I like most about my college is our eminent and veteran faculty to study under whom it's a great privileged. They are to approachable indeed. Never they get tired of us in explaining and teaching.

Padmashree K. V. [B.Sc - 2008-11 Batch]

I love to dabble many things along side studies, so I have joined the sports and cultural clubs /forums of S.F.G.C. if you too are one like me, choose your club for your favorite hobbies or initiate one. You are always encouraged for extracurricular activities.

Sweetha M. [B.Com - 2007-10 Batch]

Labs at S.F.G.C are at state of the art and comfortable with internet access. So is our library with a massive collection of latest books, journals, magazines, research journals and project report besides being E- connected with databases and E-libraries. Time simply flies flipping through the pages of the new arrivals.