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Support to succeed and assistance to develop come through a variety of service channels in the institution.

  • Disabled student advisor provides additional support to differently - abled students
  • Student services reception is a great starting point for general information about the institution
  • Counseling centre provides positive support to those in search of a direction in life
  • Forums provide enrichment and opportunities for self expression
  • Newsletters provide scope for creative writing
  • NCC, YRC, Women's cell

Students' Opinions

Teju R. [B.Sc. - 2009 Batch]

We are lucky to have a principal like Dr .M. Prakash, who whole heartedly supports us in all our academic enterprises, taking personal interest in all we do. Never has our achievement gone unrecognized or not felicitated. this unique personal touch makes us feel at home at S.F.G.C and motivates us to do our best.

Ashwini C. R. [B.A. - 2008 Batch]

Placements are more in our college and be it for anyone selecting an academic institution. This is because of our dynamic full fledged corporate and placements dept. this dept takes care to arrange in house and out bound professional training program regularly in order to meet our skill sets thereby pausing us a smooth way leading to bright & successful careers.

Khairun Bee M. A. [B.C.A - 2008 Batch]

It's a privileged to be a part of such an esteemed institution where many students are pursuing their studies, national & international resulting in socio-cultural interaction which definitely helps us smoothly integrate our self in multi-ethnic work teams. I am cherishing my dreams too.

Sangeetha B. C. [B.B.M - 2008 Batch]

I am really happy about my choice of S.F.G.C for its top class academic excellence, multi cultural & international ambience which is preparing us for global placements.

Mohammed Mursalam [B.B.M - 2008 Batch]

What I like most about my college is our eminent and veteran faculty to study under whom it's a great privileged. They are to approachable indeed. Never they get tired of us in explaining and teaching.

Padmashree K. V. [B.Sc - 2008 Batch]

I love to dabble many things along side studies, so I have joined the sports and cultural clubs /forums of S.F.G.C. if you too are one like me, choose your club for your favorite hobbies or initiate one. You are always encouraged for extracurricular activities.

Sweetha M. [B.Com - 2007 Batch]

Labs at S.F.G.C are at state of the art and comfortable with internet access. So is our library with a massive collection of latest books, journals, magazines, research journals and project report besides being E- connected with databases and E-libraries. Time simply flies flipping through the pages of the new arrivals.

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