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Youth Red Cross

"The Youth Red Cross" is a constituent of the Indian Red Cross Society (Karnataka): A group movement organized at the initial stages for students between 18 to 25 years of age. We in our college, have a Youth Red Cross wing. Any student of any discipline can become a YRC member. Our YRC unit has 72 members, under the guidance of a programme officer.

Activities Conducted by Youth Red Cross

  • Mega Ayurvedic free health check-up camp
  • Mega Voluntary Blood festival
  • Cancer Awareness

Committee Convenor -

Why you should be a member of YRC

The hope of every nation in the world is its young people. We, in our institution, prepare our students to be caring citizens so that they have an opportunity to touch the lives of the needy and the helpless. We try to make a difference in our students through YRC.


The YRC motto

Youth Red Cross Unit members are the builders of the Nation who take part in bringing the very MOTTO of Red Cross, that is, "SERVICE TO SOCIETY"

Activities of YRC Members:

Three cardinal principles encompass all YRC activities:

  • Promotion of health and life
  • Service to the sick and the suffering
  • Promotion of national and international friendship to develop the mental and moral capacities of the youth

Holding on to these principles, YRC volunteers work in the following areas:

  • Promotion of health and hygiene
  • Service to others
  • Relief work during emergencies like flood, fire and other natural calamities
  • National Integration
  • World friendliness

Creating awareness about health and hygiene is a priority area. So YRC observes the following commemorative days with lectures, health camps & blood donation camp:

  • World Health Day
  • World Red Cross Day
  • World Blood Donation Day
  • Geneva Convention Day
  • World AIDS day
  • International Women's Day


  • YRC collaborates with IRCS Bengaluru
  • NSS unit of this college
  • government departments and nongovernmental voluntary organizations.

S.F.G.C Promotes Humanitarian Principles and Values

We, through our active YRC unit, inculcate in our students, humanitarian action based on the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Society, which include:

  • Protection of Life
  • Health and human Dignity
  • Respect for others
  • Acceptance of responsibility to help others without discriminations based on nationality, Gender, belief, class or political opinions