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Research Center

Research has been defined as "Seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought." In this institution, researchers focus on creation and dissemination of new knowledge, and ensure that research positively impacts learning and teaching. The research centre of the institution:

  • Streamline research activities.
  • Facilitates membership/associateship with leading research institutions at home and abroad.
  • Coordinates Faculty Exchange Programmes.
  • Apprises researchers about library and information resources and collaborations available in libraries, laboratories and universities.

The University of Mysore is actively partnering with our research centre to promote research. Faculty members of this institutions are recognized as Research Guides by the University of Mysore. They are guiding a number of scholars.

Faculty Members Recognized as Guides During the Last Five Years in
University of Mysore
Sl.No Name of the Faculty Name of the Department Name of the Scholar
1 Dr. S.N. Venkateh Commerce Girisha T
Mohammed Nawaz
Shankar R
Srikanthnaik H
Suvarnaraj B
Ullas E.g
2 Dr. Vijaya Kumar A.B Commerce Harishkumar M
Indira P.E
Jayanth H
Shruthi C
Yogesh Kumar D.s
3 Dr. Vinay S Commerce Bharath R
Ajaya Kumar T