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A "mentor" is defined as "an experienced person who advises and helps somebody over a period of time." At SFGC class teachers are also mentors for their students. We started mentoring in an informal way: class teachers initially interacted with students with regard to their classes, attendance, assignments, career prospects, career objectives etc. Since then, mentoring activities have been going on regularly.

We hold regular mentoring sessions to discuss :

  • Career prospects
  • Skills required for various jobs
  • Strengths and weaknesses of students
  • Students' academic progress

Besides guiding students, mentors :

  • Maintain students' profiles with all their personal details
  • Conduct parent / student / teacher / interactive sessions
  • Record proceedings of mentoring sessions, parent / student / teacher interactive sessions etc

A mentoring committee is in place to streamline and supervise mentoring activities on a regular basis.