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Study Center

Dr. B R Ambedkar Study Centre

This committee is formed to ensure the ideology of Dr. B R Ambedkar through this initiation. Introduce the honourable Indian Constitution for our students and its importance. Through this Research Committee proclaim the over all development of students.

Committee Convenor -Siddesh. D J


Gandhi Study Centre

Gandhi Study Centre aims to uphold the ideals of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The Centre will explore the relevance of Gandhian ideology in the present world through seminars, workshops, lectures and exhibitions. Premised on the conviction that Gandhiji's philosophy has perennial relevance, the Centre's continuous effort will be to locate his ideology in this day and age and catalyze the awareness that it is the answer to the present crisis. The Centre's sustained thrust will be to analyze study and inculcate in young people Gandhian ethics and the principles of truth, nonviolence and self-discipline. Gandhiji's ideology has influenced myriad spheres of human experience: politics, economics, education, nation-building etc. The Centre will provide opportunities to critically interrogate these ideas, and disseminate them, exploring at the same time, Gandhiji's relevance as a leader, motivator, nation-builder and role model.

Swami Vivekananda Study Centre

The Vivekanda Adhayana Kendra strives to motivate students to envision and build a stronger nation by adopting the tenets of Swami Vivekananda. The forum organizes lectures and seminar to instill awareness about the relevance of his ideas for today and tomorrow. It also attempts to make students discover by themselves the greatness of his thoughts and vision through conducting a variety of competitions.